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Passionate Sole Reflexology

Passionate Sole Reflexology is dedicated to helping people de-stress and relax. We are committed to improving your physical and emotional well-being by providing high-quality, professional care in a safe, relaxing environment using a non-invasive therapeutic technique. 

We offer reflexology services tailored to fit your needs, working both feet in their entirety with the goal of helping you feel better. It is our mission to accommodate your needs on your schedule. We provide a 15-minute session, 30-minute session, 45-minute session, 1-hour session, or longer, if necessary. 

Reflexology is an alternative service complementary to medical care. Reflexologists use a low-risk, noninvasive technique called acupressure by thumb-walking or finger-walking, not a gliding or rubbing technique. This acupressure stimulates the reflex points, creating a nerve/systemic response throughout the body, which results in stress reduction and activates positive physiological change in the body. Reflexologist also use kneading to stimulate the nerve endings in the feet.

Experience the benefits…

• relieve tension and stress
• improve circulation
• reduce blood pressure
• provide sinus congestion relief
• improve digestion/elimination
• assist with pain management/pain relief
• improve sleep
• boost immune system
• restore balance in the body
• enhance energy
• provide effective palliative care
• reduce anxiety and psychological symptoms
• promote relaxation